Growing up in a military household, moving becomes a norm. Once that norm stops, it feels odd to start back up again after 20+ years. My nomad life started again the day I met  my red headed Ranger. In the plans of moving to Los Angeles, I decided to take a chance with a man who could be called away at any moment for who knows how long. That choice graced me with the best friend and other half I had at the time decided to postpone looking for. Through deployments and training cycles, this man still proves to surprise and support me in all that I do. I was working a job that I literally would sit in my car until 7:58 AM every morning to walk into. I was miserable and it was affecting our relationship in the worst way. One day we sat and had a blunt conversation. Ultimately, he told me " You need an outlet." And this is how The Stylish Nomad was created.

My message to you is:

NO MATTER WHAT BRANCH OF THE MILITARY OUR SPOUSES ARE IN, THEY SHARE ONE COMMON THEME. STRONG WOMEN. WE ARE THE SUPPORT THAT OUR spouses NEED IN TIMES OF WAR AND EVEN IN PEACE. I hope this blog gives you ideas, inspiration, and insight into the life of military spouse and stylish nomad.