When karma comes a knockin'...

We all have heard the tried and true saying "what goes around, comes around". I have heard my mother say it when I would come to her over someone that had done wrong. She always gave me the reassurance, but also the warning that Karma had a way of coming back around. If you are anyone that uses any type of media outlet, you already know of the Brangelina split. I guess Team Jen is having the last laugh right now. It is not always what happens in the beginning that decides the winner of the race. I remember the battle between Team Jen and Team Angelina. Whose side were you on,  America's sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston or seductive siren, Angelina Jolie? Though the chemistry between Brad and Angelina could be seen by a blind person, why is it okay to act on such a thing? People say "well she is a great actress ,humanitarian, and mother." Yes, that is true, but does all the good outweigh the wrong?  I think Angelina can now say, no. 

That being said, this is not about winning or losing. This is about starting a relationship off on the right foot. Coming into a relationship, we are still getting to know each other. We try to look our best, eat with out mouth closed, and lord help us not pass gas in front of each other. Why come into a relationship with such baggage? That suitcase is going to follow you around until the roller wheels fall off. My mother, who you will see is my source of wisdom in all things, says that a foundation must be firm to withstand the crashing waves and blowing wind of this world. 

Other say Hollywood has that effect on marriages. Do you think our environment has anything to do with the decision of fidelity or infidelity? Does the filming of movies create the environment that fosters Stockholm Syndrome? Did Brad Pitt fall for his captor, Angelina Jolie? That would definitely be a movie I would pay to see. Maybe all the publicity and living your life under a microscope puts a wedge between two individuals.  Whatever reason, whether it really is irreconcilable differences or French actress, Marion Cotillard, maybe Brad and Angelina should have invested in some concrete.